Stevie and Joslyn Married??

We all know Stevie J and Joslyn from “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” and we also know that on the show Stevie would never come out and openly express his love for Joslyn. Well, apparently things have changed because Stevie had no problem openly stating that he had “the baddest b*t*h….this is my wife…say hi to Mrs. Jordan” and passing the mic to Joslyn, on Tuesday night at LA Supper Club. Apparently Stevie constantly disrespecting her and making her look like a fool by regularly flirting with MiMi, his baby mother, and showering her with money and gifts didn’t matter much to this “Latino Princess!”  We all know that Stevie loves money and I am pretty sure that this marriage is all about the business. He will use this, just like he uses everything and everyone else, to make a quick buck. Hey….I ain’t mad at cha Stevie!! Can’t hate the playa ……! So maybe, there was some truth to his tweet:

Stevie J.

Stevie J.


“Yes. I am married”

Click the link for the exclusive video from HipHollywood:

Hip Hollywood: Stevie and Joslyn Married?

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